happy clients

Sophie J.  from Merewether, NSW.

Within a very short period of time Kath understood all aspects of my family law situation which gave me enormous confidence. She communicated in an easily understood manner and kept me informed of every development along the way. Kath was determined to achieve a fair and just resolution for me. In the end I received a significant property settlement, but without her contribution and determination this would not have occurred. You will not be disappointed with her professional approach and ability.

Georgia M. from Dudley Beach, NSW

In what is by nature a quite stressful circumstance, I found Kath not only easy to work with, but also a skilled advocate. Her family law expertise and her experience with Family Dispute Resolution were key to me being able to negotiate parenting arrangements which met my children's needs. Kath's skilled approach in mediation also meant that my ex-husband and I were able to come out the other side with a reasonable co-parenting relationship that will provide a secure foundation for our children going forward. 

Betty P from Lambton, NSW

Recently I saw Kath to help me negotiate a family law property settlement after my 32 year marriage came to an end. What a journey! A thousand thanks to you Kath and team for helping me to secure a generous and fair settlement that will allow me to retire in comfort. Before I saw Kath, I thought that I was going to end up living in rental accommodation, but Kath made sure I received a settlement that reflected my unpaid contributions over three decades of marriage. Kath's insight as a caring, respectful human being was as comforting as her extensive professional skill. I am very grateful for the time and effort she put in on my behalf, it has made all the difference to my future. 

Peter N. from Rothbury, NSW

I had a complex family law case involving false allegations of family violence, that my ex-partner initially used to stop me from seeing my children. Kath was able to help me to navigate a very difficult and stressful time in my life whilst I went through the family court system to get access to my kids.


Mike N. from Adamstown, NSW

Kath was fierce and frank in her advice and at times we butted heads, but her skills as an advocate and the strategic way in which she guided my case, resulted in securing full-time custody of my daughter and we are now closer than ever. Along the way, Kath referred me to parenting courses and counselling which helped me be a better parent, and which strategically positioned me at the final hearing, to get parenting Orders in my favour. I am eternally grateful. 

Karla B. from Belmont

When I first saw Kath, I did not realise that my relationship met the criteria for family violence.  I was living in a situation with my partner, where he controlled all of our money, dictated where I could go and who I could spend time with. The kids and I were constantly walking on eggshells waiting for his next tirade of verbal abuse. Kath referred me to a domestic violence counsellor and to a financial counsellor to help me get the debt I had from the relationship under control. She also arranged for me to see a Centrelink social worker and to get some financial support. When we went to Court, Kath was able to secure the Orders I needed to be able to stay in the family home with my children whilst my husband had to move out. He is currently doing an anger management course and the kids are seeing him under the supervision of their grandmother. For the first time in a long time I feel safe and secure in my home. 

Mary G. from Hamilton, NSW. 

I would like to extend my unmeasurable gratitude for the support, help and professional guidance, my daughter Emma received from Kath at a very difficult time in her life. Kath's detailed preparation, her “can do” attitude and her uncanny ability to anticipate the other side's every move, meant that Kath always got the results Emma needed at each Court event. Kath's focus throughout the case was on the well-being of my daughter and my grandson. She was a Godsend.

Peter R. from Bar Beach, NSW.

From the very beginning, Kath was on the ball with my property settlement. She had an empathetic approach whilst realistically guiding me towards an early resolution and simplifying my complicated life.

Brad O. Islington NSW